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Eat Local. Buy Local. Save Local.

How to Purchase:

honey straight from the hive

Pure, simple, and local: our honey is cultivated by our very own bees in hives located right on the farm and harvested using every method necessary to best preserve our hives' happiness and health. It's straight from the hive to your table. Get the perfect size for your gift or family!

Did you know?

Buying honey from local hives benefits both you and the bees!

Learn about the amazing benefits of local honey.



I can fulfill all your honey needs!


12 oz. Large Bear

My exterior may be tough, but my insides are sweet and tasty!

1 lb. Muth Jar


With a wide mouth it can be easily poured and used for recipes to add a touch of sweet!

12 oz. Bee Hive


I look the same as a bee hive and I also have the same contents as one too!

2 oz. Travel Bear


Perfect for when you can't leave home without a taste of honey!

4 oz. Creamed Honey


Wonderfully smooth, creamed honey has all the sweetness and benefits of honey in an easy spread.

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