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Eat Local. Buy Local. Save Local.

Help Honey bees Help You

Honey bees are an amazing part of our ecosystem. People have been cultivating bees and using their honey since Ancient Greece.


However, honey bees are quickly disappearing and, with it, the amazing benefits of their honey. Read below to see how you can help honey bees.

Save the bees!

10 Ways to Help Honey Bees


1. BEE Beautiful: Plant a pollinator garden on your property, in your neighborhood, or on municipal lands.


2. BEE On Our Side: Don’t use pesticides... but if you have to, spray at dusk when honey bees have returned to their hives.


3. BEE Friendly: buy honey from your local beekeeper to support their endeavor.


4. Let it BEE: allow dandelions, which are the first source of nectar and pollen for the honey bee, to grow in your yard.


5. BEE Accommodating: allow a beekeeper to put hives on your land.


6. BEE Worthy: attend a local beekeeping association meeting or seminar to learn all you can about honey bees.

7. BEE Fearless: honey bees will not sting unless their hive is threatened. Remain calm, don’t swat, & slowly walk away from honey bees.


8. BEE Amazing!! Become a Beekeeper!


9. BEE Smart: Call a local beekeeper (Not pest control) when spotting a SWARM. The beekeeper will carefully and quietly take away swarm to live in one of their hives.


10. BEE Responsible:  Learn all you can about honey bees and the ways to help them & pass it on to your community and government.

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