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Our Story

From my favorite spot on the front stoop, I can see and hear everything on the farm, my domain. The goats climbing on their jungle gym, chickens clucking as they peck, turkeys gobbling up grass, the peacocks displaying their feathers, and even the bees buzzing back to their hive. But more importantly; I can see folks coming up the drive. Here, I am queen. This is my farm. I share it with Beth and Tony and occasionally other farm-loving folks. 

B.N. (Before Nhucha), Beth was a pilot and Tony a yacht broker; they raised chicks in their garage and kept bees and laying hens in their backyard in Maryland. I chose them to be my humans because they smelled like fresh hay and gave the best belly-rubs. We moved to Lincoln University in 2014 so I could take on the farm business (Beth and Tony help a lot).  Since then, I've collected a whole herd of goats, my best friend Cash the donkey, more bees than I can count, and anything else my humans can think of.


To help keep the farm going for me, Beth uses the goats' milk and bee's honey to make really delicious-smelling stuff for humans. She and Tony also teach other humans how to milk goats, keep bees, and make cheese (my favorite!).  When I'm not busy herding goats, playing with Cash, or watching the driveway for new friends, I help keep track of the finances (the bank has great biscuits), experiment with new products (soap is still my least favorite flavor), and chase the cats (who are up to no good). 

Through my hard work, Beth and Tony have turned this farm into something special, a place where working farm meets environmental stewardship and education.  When you stop by, be sure to come say hello. I always like greeting visitors in my kingdom.




her Royal Highness & Head Farm Dog

Forest Manor Farm



What's in a Name?

Aristos (aka Aristaios or Aristaeus) is the rustic Grecian god of shepherds, cheese making, beekeeping, honey, and honey mead. His name is derived from the Greek word aristos - meaning most excellent or most useful. At our farm, we believe that simple living and happy animals create a most excellent and useful bounty of honey and goatsmilk products. It only seems fitting to call ourselves Aristos' Harvest.

It's not just a name. It's a lifestyle.

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